Thursday, June 2, 2005

Primer Review

The title of this blog is Primer.  That is also the title of the movie I have just watched.  Primer is one of those movies that you don't anticipate for months or see eight hundred trailers and commercials for.  It's one of those movies (at least for me) that you just sort of happen upon.  Like some constellations aligned in a certain pattern just so you'd end up seeing a movie that will affect you in such a way that you're glad the powers that be took all the extra effort to get it in front of you.  Example:

A few weeks ago before I came home to Maryland for the summer, my sister and I bought tickets for my parents to see Hairspray in New York.  So my sister, her boyfriend, and my parents all took a little trip to NYC.  While there I saw some fellas putting up posters on a wall that advertised the new issue of Giant Magazine.  I caught a glimpse of the cover (featuring Katie Holmes) and knew I had to have it.  Obtaining a copy became my goal for the day, and I succeeded in this goal.  Approximately a three weeks later (that'd be this past Monday-ish) I got around to reading said magazine and found a little "What's Hot and What's Not"-esque article featuring a two sentence review of Primer which reads (The following quote is hidden because it contains some information that you'd probably be better off not knowing if you intend to see the movie, but if you wanna read it, just highlight the gray area to reveal the text.  You've been warned.):

"A fun, low-budget movie about regular guys who invent a time-travel machine.  Ignore the technobabble in the opening scenes and enjoy the ride."

Then, it just so happens that that night I ended up in Blockbuster video with a pal-o-mine by the name of Ricky, and we had a two-for-one coupon, but only one thing to rent.  Primer caught my eye, and after reading the description on the back of the box I knew I wanted to see it.

I finally got around to watching it today, and wow...

You know that feeling you get when you're watching a movie by yourself and it's dark out and it's really cool but in an odd sort of way, then you get to the credits and you're paralyzed just sitting there thinking about how cool what you just watched was?  That's what this movie did to me.  If this feeling is foreign to you, other movies that have done this to me were Se7en, Fight Club, and Blowin' Smoke (or as I knew it then, Freak Talks About Sex).

So, basically, my recommendation is that if you like the same kinds of movies that I have listed in the "Favorite Movies" section on my page, or at least appreciate a good sci-fi (and we're talking sci-fi as in cool ideas and theories, not cool fight scenes and special effects) that you should see this movie ASAP.  End of story.

P.S. - If after seeing the movie (after, mind you...don't ruin it for'll thank me later) you are a little confused (and you probably will be), check out the official site to get a little more insight on what you've just seen at P R I M E R M O V I E.